Triangle Mints Strain

Hey! Do you know what Triangle mint strain is? Triangle mints are also known as “Octagon Kush” It is a unique hybrid created by Seed Junky Genetics. The tringle mints strain was created as a cross between the two potent strains, Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It is so robust hybrid that, if you take it in a high quantity, it will punch you on the sofa once for a long time. So, be very careful if you are a beginner using it. The smell of these triangle mints is herbal, earthy, and spicy.

Triangle mints is a Sativa-dominant hybrid Cannabis strain, a more robust and affecting herb. A little amount will give energy as it is from a Sativa-dominated hybrid. It will hit you quickly, and energy in all your body runs.
These tiny buds are usually round in shape and attached tightly so they cannot break apart easily by hand.

Taste of triangle mints strain

Triangle Mints have a menthol flavor with a tinge of sweetness. It smells earthy and dank. Triangle Kush mints strain taste is good and sweet. Humulene, Pinene, and Limonene make up Triangle Mints’Mints’ terpene profile. You can feel the fresh flavor when your tongue touches it. A calm mind and body, ideal after a long day, is one of this terpene’sterpene’s advantages.
Humulene is very good for the calming and relaxing body. Pinene is also present in different plants. It is the capacity to heal pains, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Limonene has a tasty lemon taste and is also present in plants which are best for inflammation, stress, and depression.
All the above ingredients, when working together, will provide a quick and long-running relaxing experience.
When a user uses this triangle mints stain, the consumer will experience energy and relaxation from this Sativa-dominant hybrid. Expect a menthol flavor, which many triangle cannabis enthusiasts find very appealing.

The outer look of Triangle mints

If you want to know about the color and outlook of this triangle mint strain, Triangle mints include dark mint-green blooms with caramel pistils a nd trichomes, which are wrapped with gold. A very lovely and natural outer look color it contains. The triangle mints are naturally attached.

Benefits of Triangle Kush strain

Triangle Kush mints strain is beneficial in many ways. This cannabis has been used for centuries in healing different diseases. They cure many common diseases. If you want to know the benefits of using this triangle cannabis, you will find that these are helpful in so many stresses and discomforts. This Triangle Kush mints strain can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, arthritis, and chronic pain in conditions like these.
Triangle mints have shown very fruitful results in curing different diseases. When a person gets mental stress or goes to a depth of the depression, a little amount of triangle Kush stain gives instant relief. Triangle mints strain can change the life of a stressed person dealing with various medical and mental conditions.

Where to grow Tringle mints 

Triangle Kush is a strain that does best in warm, muggy climates. The hot climate best suits these triangle mints most. You can grow it inside or outdoor. You will feel genuinely relaxed while using this strain, and the high lasts very long—high energy providing mints.
Triangle Mints by Seed Junky Genetics is a Sativa dominant hybrid that measures 70 percent Sativa and 30 percent indica. Its THC levels are higher, but it’s not uncommon to find this strain testing as high as 31% potency, fueling its heavy-hitting high!
This strain is easy to grow, and it takes 8-9 weeks to flower. Triangle mints strain is easy to grow at any place. The plant height is medium to tall. It could be grown throughout the year.         
Marijuana cultivation is a skill that can be learned over time. The problematic aspect is that some people only learn with one growth per year, which can take years to learn essential lessons. Researching grow diaries and asking questions online can be an excellent way to determine what negatively affects your growth.
Triangle Mints is a strain that can put you to the test when it comes to battling high THC levels. An expert grower won’twon’t have any challenges with this variety because it only needs soil, water, and fertilizer to thrive. This THC monster requires far less effort than other strains.

Side effects of Triangle Cannabis

The side effects of using these triangle mints cannot be taken apart. If You use a higher quantity as recommended, it may provide someone intense and rapid onset of effects, beginning with an initial surge of energy and euphoria that may settle heavily in the body. This strain is not recommended for beginners as the effects can overwhelm less experienced consumers.
You may also experience insomnia, rapid heartbeat, headache, and nausea. Some of its side effects may occur if you regularly use this triangle Kush strain in a high quantity.
When you find a similar effect strain that will allow you to increase or decrease its potency, remember that you cannot smoke it at any time. Some recommend that you smoke afternoon as you do not have any critical tasks to be done after that.


Triangle mints strain is a potent hybrid used to treat different mental conditions. This so helpful Triangle mint has some harmful effects also. As we all know, excess of everything is terrible so use this hybrid mint in a recommended amount to avoid side effects. Natural herbs like triangle cannabis are helpful and have fewer side effects than medicines.

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