Are you guys tired of using useless strains? Here, useless means less potent strain. Well, if this is the case, then I can help you. Strains work differently for different people. But potent one is the requirement of everyone. Initially, you can rely on weak strains but after sometime, you’ll require the strong strains.

There’s no need to rely on weak strains because White Widow Strain is the best replacement ever. It’s potency and results just make everyone say fabulous. You can’t imagine the high that this strain provides. You’ll feel yourself more interested in this strain after reading about it. Therefore, I am going to talk about this strain in detail.

Following article contains basic info that will be further followed by detailed review. I think, we should not wait longer for exploring this strain. Let’s dig into the details of white widow weed strain.

Basic intro of white widow weed strain…

I would recommend you not to trust on any strain without studying about it. You should have it after having an eye on it’s contents. Some people don’t like any specific taste or smell.

This strain is hybrid strain of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. It is a balanced strain which means it is 50% indica and 50% sativa. White widow was developed by Shantibaba who was a worker at a seed company. White widow is the result of crossing over between sativa landrace from Brazil and Indica hybrid from India. Later on, the strain spread all over the world and a lot of it’s variants are available now.

I am sure that you need some more info about the strain. There’s nothing to worry about it. So, let’s move ahead to further details of this strain.

Is it able to please your taste buds?

Before having a strain everyone is curious about the taste. Strong effect along with good taste seems like you’re in heaven. Let’s not make you wait longer for the taste and have an eye on it.

Don’t tell me if you don’t like the taste of fruits. Because fruity taste is the one that is loved by all. Am I right? I know, I am. White widow marijuana strain has a woody or earthy taste that is followed by citrus and fruity taste. The combo of woody and fruity taste is awesome. You’ll feel like you’re having the best thing ever. I think, no one is going to dislike this combo. If it seems unusual to you then you can give it a try. Trust me, you will crave for it.

The problem of taste of the strain has been solved. Well, many people also have concern with smell. Smell plays another important role in uplifting your mood. So, keeping your concerns in view, let’s move towards the next section which is all about the smell of this strain.

What about the smell?

I am pretty sure, this section was also awaited one for many readers. Wasn’t it? Yeah, it was. Some strains have extremely pungent smell that leads to headache and nausea. But it’s time to say no to those strains. Because white widow strain has pleasant smell. And the smell is so pleasant that it also has ability to uplift your mood. Things that smell good are unbelievable. Just like roses can spread smile on your face, white widow has that ability too.

If I say, it’s smell is a mixture of woody and earthy smell then nothing would be wrong with it. The smell of sandalwood and pine trees comes from it which is further followed by the smell of lemon. All this complex provide you with the mind-blowing smell.

Taste together with the smell plays very important role in pleasing you right after having it. From it’s taste and smell, we can conclude that it’s a good strain. But these characteristics are not enough so, let’s move forward.

What are it’s impacts?

Here is your awaited most part of the article. It’s true that we do have strains for relaxation and powerful impacts. So, don’t you think, we should have a check on the impacts? Yeah, we should do this.

An incredible high along with breathtaking impacts remain consistent for a prolonged period. It’s a sort of generous strain on case of providing effects. How’s that? Quite fascinating. Right after having it, you’ll feel like there is something that is cleaning up your mind. All of your negativity will be washed in no time. It has ability to make you smile.

Did you just end up with a hectic day? Do you want to get yourself relaxed? There’s a solution of every problem in one strain and that is white widow strain. No matter, how tiring your day was but it is going to end your tiredness in short period of time. Isn’t it incredible? Yeah, it is. In the busy days, it keeps you motivated and fresh. In this way, you can remain focused and perform well.

This is how, this strain works. So, have it and enjoy it.

Any side effects?

As it is a potent strain and has high THC level, therefore, it has some side effects. The common ones are dry eyes and mouth. But the intense side effects include dizziness, hallucinations, paranoia, and headache. Stay consistent and one day, you’ll get rid of these side effects. Well, it is not going to take too much time.

The final thoughts!

White widow weed strain is potent and effective. Along with it’s potency and effectiveness, it has many other qualities like good taste and smell. It’s a kind of all in one strain that works like magic. You might face some side effects in start but later on, everything will get okay. You can have this strain without any hesitation if you’re already using any other strain. This article provides complete info of this strain. Read it and thanks to me later. I hope, it works for you.

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